Dannielle Del Rosario

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She believes in optimism.


Dannielle Del Rosario is a multi-disciplinary software/application developer who likes to work in Java or in general all things web. She blogs about optimism saving the day.

Dannielle Del Rosario currently spends her days as a software developer in Atlanta, GA at Big Nerd Ranch.

Dannielle Del Rosario used to be a software developer in North America at ThoughtWorks. She has worked on an assortment of projects, from Java, to Angular JS, to ios and Android, and even to large-scale event planning.

Dannielle graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology in December 2013. She was a student in digital media and computer science. At Georgia Tech, she studied Computational Media, an experimental interdisciplinary program between media theory and computer science and graduated with highest honors.

Dannielle grew up in Chicago, Illinois and briefly lived in Copenhagen, Denmark to study digital media. She studied in Atlanta, Georgia. She is now in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dannielle Del Rosario wants to serve people and make beautiful things. Dannielle's interests include video game development as a hobby, educational technology, information technology, and eastern Asian food.


Dannielle was a workshop facilitator at the write/speak/code Conference 2016 in Chicago, IL with Catherine Dugan and Lauren Fitzgerald. She presented "Addressing Labor in Your Tech Career."

Dannielle was a speaker at the Southeast Women in Computing Conference 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia with Monica Shum and Allie Quintano. She presented "Adapting and Developing Personal Identity in Early Career Advancement."

Dannielle was a speaker at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing 2014 in Phoenix, Arizona with Beccie Magnus. She presented "Addressing Stereotype Threat in the Education System: Brainstorming Possible Approaches."

Within her academic career at Georgia Tech, Dannielle had a major GPA of 3.8 and an overall GPA of 3.57. She is a 2013 Tapia Scholarship Recipient for her interest in computing. She was a Teaching Assistant for a software development course about object-oriented programming.

She worked as a Design Developer for IBM Design as an intern in 2013 in Austin, TX. There, she focused on user research and prototyping for various software redesigns with a focus on the business-person as a user. She and her team created an iOS app concept called Turmeric, an information-visualization tool for regional retail store managers.

Dannielle studied in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2012 and did her capstone project on concept development. Her team developed an ARG concept in partnership with the local children's science museum of Copenhagen.

She did one semester of research with Dr. Magerko of the Adaptive Media Lab at Georgia Tech, working on the digital improv project.

Dannielle served in the mentoring program for computing students for three years. She likes taking the kids out for coffee every week. She drinks her coffee black, but eats a lot of pastries. Dannielle overall loved the local College of Computing community.


Dannielle is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dannielle would love to talk to you at dannielle.del@gmail.com